Our Team

Meet our founders and learn more about our team

Our Team

Unity magnifies our impact, making the impossible possible.

Collectively, as three directors, we bring over 40 years of extensive experience in the security industry. Our wealth of knowledge is coupled with a contemporary approach to security operations, tailored for the demands of the modern world. We blend our decades of expertise with innovative methodologies, ensuring that our strategies and solutions are not just seasoned but also finely tuned to meet the evolving challenges of today’s security landscape.

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Our Value

Do more than we promise!

We commit to exceeding our promises by delivering exceptional service and results that surpass expectations. At Apex Guardian Services, we strive to consistently go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction and security.

  • Vision

    To be the foremost leader in innovative security solutions, ensuring unparalleled safety and trust for our clients.

  • Mission

    Providing exceptional security services through cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, committed to exceeding expectations and safeguarding what matters most.

Company Team

Apex Guardian Founders & Leadership team

Scott Winn-Vave

Scott Winn-Vave

Director of Marketing & Business Development
Scott plays a crucial role in managing the company's image and facilitating its growth. He takes on the responsibility of ensuring that Apex's brand remains in harmony with our core values and mission. Additionally, Scott actively contributes to the seamless onboarding of clients, ensuring a smooth transition for them into our business ecosystem.
Dejan Tomic

Dejan Tomic

Director of Business Services
Dejan assumes a comprehensive role in managing all facets of Apex's business services, including accounts and compliance. He is dedicated to ensuring Apex's adherence to compliance standards across the entire spectrum of our operations, whether within our office or during operational shifts.
Patiare Mahutariki

Patiare Mahutariki

Director of Business Operations
Patiare takes charge of shift operations, where he meticulously oversees all aspects of the business's roster requirements. This entails crafting security management plans and conducting thorough risk assessments prior to commencement. Patiare is committed to ensuring that the performance of our security guards not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering a service that is unparalleled in excellence.